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Microfluidic EOR Chips

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) chips are advanced microfluidic devices designed to optimize and simulate the processes involved in the extraction of oil from reservoirs. These chips feature intricate channel structures that enable precise control and manipulation of fluid flows under reservoir conditions. EOR chips are pivotal in applications such as assessing the effectiveness of chemical and thermal recovery methods, optimizing injection strategies, and visualizing fluid interactions within porous media. Their ability to replicate complex subsurface environments makes them invaluable for improving oil recovery techniques and enhancing the efficiency of extraction processes in the petroleum industry.

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Chips Developed and Manufactured by Micronit

Micronit is a trusted partner for the development and manufacturing of microfluidic components and consumables, including Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) chips. We welcome collaboration with partners aiming to create customized products tailored to their specific requirements. Our portfolio includes projects at various stages of maturity, from initial development to full-scale manufacturing. Our diverse customer base, from innovative start-ups to leading global players in the oil and gas industry, depends on our extensive experience and proven track record in delivering high-quality EOR chips and other microfluidic solutions. We also support top-tier academic institutions by providing tools essential for cutting-edge research.

Why EOR Chips are Essential for Enhanced Oil Recovery?

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) chips play a crucial role in the oil and gas industry due to their ability to precisely manage small fluid volumes. This precision is essential for applications such as optimizing fluid injection processes, enabling efficient and effective recovery of hydrocarbons. In the development of EOR techniques, these chips facilitate the rapid testing and implementation of various recovery methods by ensuring uniform distribution of injected fluids, making them ideal for improving extraction efficiency and reducing operational costs.

Available Types of EOR Chips

At Micronit, we have designed chips that mimic physical rock structures as accurately as possible. Our chips are even optically clear, allowing you to see through the on-chip fabricated rock. These chips enable your EOR experiments to be carried out in a simple and controlled manner. 

Whether using thermal (TEOR), chemical (CEOR), or microbial (MEOR) methods, our lab-on-a-chip technology facilitates reliable testing of the effectiveness of any enhanced oil recovery method. These chips are ideal for initial experiments and proof of concept.

Micronit’s EOR chips are available in three varieties, differentiated by the fluidic network on the chip surface that mimics the rock structure. You can choose between a random structure, a uniform structure, and a physical rock structure.

  • EOR Chips with Random Structure:

    • Features a randomly placed porous structure.
    • Ideal for CEOR (Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery) and MEOR (Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery) experiments.

  • EOR Chips with Uniform Structure:

    • Features a randomly placed porous structure.
    • Ideal for CEOR (Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery) and MEOR (Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery) experiments.

  • Physical Rock Structure:

    • Features a randomly placed porous structure.
    • Ideal for CEOR (Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery) and MEOR (Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery) experiments.

The growing demand of EOR Chips

As conventional extraction methods reach their limits, EOR technologies are becoming essential for maintaining production levels. The growing need for EOR chips is driven by the dual pressures of economic efficiency and environmental responsibility. By investing in EOR chips, companies can tackle the pressing issues of declining well productivity and high operational costs while also aligning with global sustainability goals. Micronit's state-of-the-art chips, designed for thermal, chemical, and microbial EOR methods, enable efficient, controlled recovery processes.

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Catalogue Products

We have developed several flow cells that can be ordered directly from our web store. The products in our webstore are made in the same way as the flow cells of market leaders in multi-omics and sequencing. Besides hermetically sealed flow cells, we also offer resealable flow cells. Designed for continuous access to the inside of the microfluidic chip. Made from a durable elastomer and glass, they are able to withstand rigorous cleaning and allow for multiple reuses.  


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