About Micronit

Micronit is the leading innovator and global contract development and manufacturing partner of microfluidics-based components and consumables.

We enable the creation of life changing products with our expertise and facilities specialized in microtechnologies.

Micronit empowers clients to bring innovative products to market with a focus on life science and health applications.

From microstructured components to advanced lab-on-a-chip consumables

To build a successful microfluidic-based solution, you must choose from a wide range of options and possibilities. If you do not have in-house expertise, you will need someone to guide you through the concept design and product-development process. The engineers of Micronit have a deep understanding of microtechnologies and microfluidics. We help you make the right choices, resulting in a product that is ready for production in the scale you want.

Our Services


Get started and transfer your assay or concept into a glass, polymer or silicon prototype.

Contract Development

From design into manufacturing, our team of experts is ready to assist in the development of new microfluidic-based products. 

Contract Manufacturing

Get to know our manufacturing capabilities - A wafer-based microfabrication cleanroom for glass and silicon processing, combined with a fully equipped pilot production line for polymer and hybrid consumables.

“Our mission is to make a significant contribution, transforming the way healthcare is delivered and improving lives worldwide.”

Ronny Van 't Oever 

Founder, VP Strategy • Micronit

Enabling Life-Changing Micro Solutions

At Micronit, we engage daily with customers to tackle life-changing questions. We address them through microtechnologies. We join hands with our clients in an idea-to-manufacturing journey, crafting unique microfluidic-based products. From innovative start-ups to established organizations, they all share the common goal: creating impactful solutions

We serve customers in Molecular and Omics Research, Cell Analysis, Drug Development, Drug Delivery, Medical Diagnostics and other industries. We grow along with the market that demands ever more complex products.

Your trusted manufacturing partner

With over 25 years of experience in the field of microtechnologies, Micronit has developed a specialized production and assembly line for microstructured component and devices. Dedicated to delivering exceptional products, using ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards. 

  • Extensive design support for optimal manufacturability
  • Expert guidance for seamless transfer from idea to manufacturing
  • Long track record in life-science and health applications
  • Material independent development and production partner.

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