Developing and Manufacturing Custom Flow Cells

Micronit is an experienced development and manufacturing partner for microfluidic components and  consumables.  We are open to partners that wish to develop a new product, tailored to their specific wishes and needs. We run multiple projects at different maturity stages from development to manufacturing. Our customers, varying from ambitious start-ups to one of the key global players in the next gen sequencing market, rely on our track record of years of supplying our optical grade, high-quality flow cells and other microfluidic products. We also support leading academics in providing the tools for groundbreaking research.

About Enhanced Oil Recovery Chips

Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) is a crucial process for maximizing the extraction of oil from reservoirs. At Micronit, we offer advanced lab-on-a-chip solutions designed to simulate various EOR methods in a controlled and efficient manner.

Available EOR Chip Types

Micronit’s EOR chips come in three primary types, each mimicking different rock structures to provide versatile experimental setups. Our EOR chips are manufactured using high-quality borosilicate glass, ensuring durability and precision. The production process involves:

  • Etching Techniques: Utilizing both wet and dry etching methods to create detailed and precise channel structures.
  • Bonding Processes: Ensuring strong adhesion between glass layers to withstand high pressures and temperatures.
  • Physical Rock Structure

    Mimicking the intricate designs of actual rock formations, these chips are created from digitized scans of physical sandstone rocks. They offer the most realistic simulation for physical EOR methods.

  • Random Structure

    Our random structure chips feature randomly placed porous structures, ideal for chemical (CEOR) and microbial (MEOR) experiments. They provide a realistic simulation of unpredictable rock formations.

  • Uniform Structure

    These chips are designed with a systematically organized structure, featuring equally sized pores and channels. This setup is perfect for experiments requiring consistent and repeatable conditions.

Available EOR Chip Types

Micronit’s EOR chips come in three primary types, each mimicking different rock structures to provide versatile experimental setups:

Why 20% of Global Sequencing Platforms Trust Micronit for Flow Cells

A glass flow cell is functionalized by leading suppliers of NGS sequencing technology with the correct surface chemistry. Together with a special set of reagents it creates a special biochemistry to create fluorescent signals that will be read by the sequencer. Presently, approximately 20% of global sequencing platforms rely on flow cells manufactured by Micronit.

The growing demand of Flow Cells

Flow cells are at the heart of rapid advancements in genomic technologies. Innovations such as image-based cell sorting and combining gene expression with chromatin accessibility are pushing research and clinical applications to new heights. Micronit plays a crucial role in these developments by providing high-quality microfluidic chips essential for these advanced technologies. These contributions accelerate the discovery of new therapies and enhance the efficiency of genomic research, redefining the future of healthcare.

As the global need for flow cell technology continues to grow, Micronit is uniquely positioned to support innovators and pioneers. 

Get started with your first prototype
in 3 simple steps 

1. Submit your idea

Share your idea or design with us to initiate the prototyping process. We're eager to understand your project's unique requirements.

2. Technical readiness

After receiving your submission and reviewing your design, we'll discuss your specific needs in detail, ensuring alignment with both your objectives and our expertise.

3. Production

Finally, we transition to the technical development and production, transforming your concept into a prototype.

Micronit Assists in the Flow Cells you need

Developing and manufacturing custom Flow Cells  

With our expertise in product development and manufacturing, we can help realize products that achieve the greatest possible accuracy and consistency according to ISO 13485.

Standard compatible Flow Cells

At Micronit we are always excited when our products can help with new research. This goes to the core of our company's mission: contributing to a healthy and vital life. For this reason, we have developed several flow cells that can be ordered directly from our web store. 

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