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With the purchase of a new Roll-on Nano Imprint tool from EVG, Micronit can now offer UV NIL processes on full wafer scale, up to 6-inch wafers.
Low-cost, high accuracy nano patterning is one of the key issues in nanotechnology today. Using a unique wafer scale imprinting approach, small sub 50 nm features which could up to now only be patterned using expensive and/or slow DUV/EUV/e-beam/FIB lithography systems can be reproduced  in a much more simple and cost-efficient manner.
The process consists of the fabrication of a PDMS-on-foil “working stamp”, cast from a silicon master stamp, after which this flexible PDMS mould is used to imprint features in a resist layer. This process offers high resolution imprinting, but on wafer scale, allowing high throughput and uniformity.
Replicating an imprint stamp from a silicon master wafer has the advantage that the silicon master is not directly used for the imprint process, reducing the risk of damaging the master. The properties of the flexible PDMS stamp can be tuned towards more flexible (better conformance to particles) or more rigid (higher ultimate imprint resolution). 
The working stamp is pressed onto a substrate with imprint resist using a unique roll-on technique. This technique prevents formation of air inclusions and ensures conformal contact between the imprint mold and the imprinted wafer. When in contact the UV-curable resist is exposed and the stamp is released from the substrate, leaving a 1:1 replica of the original silicon master stamp in the resist layer, after which the imprinted wafer can be post-processed.
Some of the advantages of Roll-on UV-NIL are:
•         Resolution range for imprinted nano features: sub-50 nm and above
•         Possibility to imprint full 6 inch wafer area in one imprint
•         Conformation of stamp to imprinted substrate
•         Any particles in imprint resist will be embedded in the pattern: not destructive for the process
          or the wafer.
•         A variety of imprint resist material can be used: organic, sol-gel, hybrid.
Nano Imprint Lithography can be utilized for the fabrication of devices serving a variety of electrical, optical, photonotic and biological applications. Especially in the evolving field of next generation DNA sequencing (NGS) techniques, nano structured devices are fabricated using NIL for the purpose of single molecule sequencing in nano pores (third generation NGS) and DNA stretching in nanofluidic channels (fourth generation NGS). Furthermore, NIL enables the fabrication of biomolecular sorting devices on a nano scale in a much more simple and efficient manner. 
The pictures show two examples of patterns imprinted in UV-curable resist. 
Using these resist structures, the nanopatterned features can be transferred into other materials such as glass and silicon using various etching techniques available at Micronit.
If you are interested in this technology, please contact Dr. Jeroen Haneveld (



Microfluidic devices offer a qualitatively superior alternative to conventional macroscale batch processes for the production of highly monodisperse emulsions in a continuous fashion.  By means of parallelization, microstructured droplet generators allows high throughput production of monodisperse emulsions for applications in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and food industries.

Micronit offers a range of parallel droplets generators with hydrophilic (native glass) or hydrophobic (coated) channels surfaces for both oil-in-water and water-in-oil systems to satisfy our customers’ needs in their high throughput emulsification applications. Our parallel droplets generators can be designed in a variety of geometries. While the high accuracy of Micronit’s glass processing technologies combined with a wide range of instruments for high precision surface and size analysis ensures a high accuracy product. The low intrachannel size variation results in very uniform droplet diameters and frequency of droplet production.

For more information please contact Dr. Monica Brivio (


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