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Micronit is your microtechnologies partner for glass, silicon and polymer products.  While the world keeps thinking bigger, we plunge down into the unseen world of microtechnologies. We team up with our clients in an idea to manufacturing process, developing unique microfluidic based solutions for life changing companies. Together we enable a world where healthcare is made easy, affordable and accessible.

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Get started and transfer your assay or concept into a glass, polymer or silicon prototype.

Contract Development

From design into manufacturing. Our team of experts is ready to assist in the development of new microfluidic-based products. 

Contract Manufacturing

Get to know our manufacturing capabilities - A fully equipped pilot production line, experienced to produce glass and silicon components and chips.

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At Micronit, we engage daily with customers to tackle life-changing questions. How can we unveil deeper understanding of today’s incurable diseases? Or how can we trim down the costs of certain therapies? Although these questions are monumental, we address them through microtechnologies. We join hands with our clients in an idea-to-manufacturing journey, crafting unique microfluidic-based solutions. 

As a contract development and manufacturing partner of microfluidics-based consumables, we are proud to have contributed to the technologies of today and are excited to enable the products of tomorrow. 


They're the best provider of their type I've worked with. The relationship is fantastic.

Leading Biotech Company
Head of Manufacturing


‘The components are complex and difficult to develop/manufacture. We feel that they are really committed to making our products a success’

VP of Production
Leading Technology Firm

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Enabling research with accesible solutions

At Micronit, we develop and manufacture numerous different chips, flow cells and nozzles. A selection of these products can be bought ‘off the shelf’ in our webstore. We have the following range of products available: Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Chips, Organ-on-a-Chip, Droplet Generators, Flow Cells, Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) Chips, Capillary Electrophoresis (CE) Chips, Spray & Sheet Nozzles and Basic Microfluidic Building Blocks. But if this selection does not offer the specific chip you are looking for, please contact us!

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