Medical Diagnostics

Use microfluidics technologies to innovate new solutions

Our Services to innovate with Medical Diagnostics

As a leading partner in microfluidic technology we help customers develop new products for these applications. With our expertise in product development and manufacturing, we can help realize products that achieve the greatest possible accuracy and consistency according to ISO 13485.

Accelerate your R&D Innovation Capacity

Designing advanced diagnostic systems is not easy. It requires far-reaching expertise in multiple disciplines. Inadequate design or engineering can lead to solutions that perform poorly or are unstable, jeopardizing the conformity of the product. Micronit can help you with the development of microfluidic systems and components. From design to transferring your products to production.

Seamless Scale-Up and Technology Transfer

Micronit has the expertise to help you efficiently transfer your concepts and designs into volume production. Our flexible manufacturing capabilities, combined with deep technical knowledge, allow us to smoothly scale up your operations and get your products to market faster. You can count on Micronit to be a trusted partner throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Enhance Solutions with Precision Microfluidic Technology

We recognize that quality and precision are of great importance in molecular and omics applications. At Micronit, we are equipped to help you develop microfluidic devices that not only meet high standards but also accelerate your progress. Our streamlined organization allows us to quickly go from concept to production. Additionally, our stringent quality processes ensure that every product meets the highest standards, in accordance with ISO 13485. 

Our Comprehensive Approach to Innovate with Microfluidic Technologies

We offer a comprehensive range of services, from initial design and prototyping to large-scale manufacturing. We are proud that we have already assisted many start-ups and established organizations in their product development. We are happy to take you through this process. We can assemble a powerful team and together we will grow your idea into a successful device.


‘How can you ensure precise fluid delivery in mission-critical applications?’

"As a contract partner, we have developed several microfluidic components for clients in the life science market. Our advantage lies in our ability to efficiently move products from the development phase to production, allowing us to work faster and deliver higher quality compared to other contract developers. This enables us to provide crucial components, such as nozzles, microneedles or droplet generators that greatly contribute to improved medical care."

Mark Olde Riekerink

Business Development Manager

Respiratory and Nasal Drug Delivery 

‘The critical component of creating a perfect mist is coming from Micronit’

"Soft-mist inhalers are a well known instrument that generates a fine mist of medication, allowing for efficient drug delivery to the lungs. The mist particles are small and easily absorbed by the respiratory system, which increases the effectiveness of the medication. Therefore these inhalers are the most preferred products for efficient drug delivery. Glass microfluidic nozzles plays a crucial role for this technology. Micronit can help you develop and manufacture right glass components for soft-mist inhalers"

Christian Walk

Business Development Manager

Your partner in ISO-certified Molecular and Omics-systems

As your trusted partner in ISO-certified microfluidic systems, we bring over two decades of expertise to the table. We operate under the stringent healthcare quality standards of ISO 13485, ensuring top-notch quality and precision. Whether you prefer high-end glass/silicon materials or more budget-friendly polymer options, we have tailored solutions for you. Micronit helps you create micro structured components that consistently and reliably deliver medication to targeted locations.

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