Mixer en Reactor starter kit - topconnect (incl. syringe pumps)

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Complete microfluidic setup for an easy start in microfluidic research or product development.

2 x Syringe pump InfusionONE (NE-300)   + €0.00
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1 x Fluidic Connect Pro chip holder - topconnect - starterkit   + €0.00
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1 x Syringe to tube connection kit   + €0.00
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1 x Starterkit - Accessories   + €0.00
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Serpentine channel / Microreactor, 20x50µm, 342mm length   + €0.00
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If you are looking for essential tools to start working with microfluidics, Micronit's Microfluidic starter kit is your solution.

The Microfluidic starter kit includes:

  • Syringe pumps (NE-300, 2x)
  • Fluidic Connect Pro chip holder (1x)
  • Syringe to tube connection kit
  • Accessories
  • First pack of chips

Additionally an (inverted) microscope or high resolution USB microscope is recommended, which are available in most labs and for that reason not included.

Syringe pumps (2x)
Easy-to-use infusion pump with a broad range of flow rates for a wide variety of microfluidic applications. 
Please note that this pump type is not recommended for applications with high demands, like droplet generation or start-stop.

Fluidic Connect Pro chip holder
Innovative chip holder to connect pumps, chips and other necessary items. We have included the version for chips supplied in a black cardridge. Additionally, two spacers are included for use in combination with thin bottom chips and a screw driver. 

Syringe to tube connection kit
Our syringe to pump connection kit is part of the starter kit. This kit allows to make a connection between a Luer-Lock syringe and 1/16” or 1/32” outside diameter (OD) tubing. It also contains parts to interconnect tubing and to temporarily block a tube-end. It contains the following items:

  Item Quantity
Union PEEK 2 pcs.
Fingertight fitting PEEK 4 pcs.
Ferrule PEEK for fingertight fitting 4 pcs.
Ferrule ETFE for fingertight fitting 4 pcs.
Luer to 10-32 thread adapter 2 pcs.
Plug 2 pcs.
Sleeve 4 pcs.


  • 2x Syringe 1ml
  • 3x Syringe 10ml
  • 1x Reservoir 250ml
  • 15m 1/16” ETFE tube (ID 0.25mm)
  • 1x Tube cutter
  • 2x Micro-microscope (Note: this is a basic tool for inspection of channels, not a replacement for a real microscope or USB microscope.)
  • USB stick, containing manuals


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