One Blue Ocean

One Blue Ocean

Using Microfluidic expertise to reduce Plastic Pollution

Huge amounts of plastic are used every day, and many of them end up polluting the ocean around us in the form of microplastics and nanoplastics. But, it's not just (micro and nano) plastics, a lot of harmfull chemicals, or contaminants of emerging concern (CECs)  as their called, also end up in the oceans waters on a daily basis. This disturbing development threatens marine life and ecosystems. 

At Micronit we don't just stand by and watch. We've taken action by joining the OneBlue Consortium, dedicated to studying these emerging pollutants and their effects on biodiversity. Our mission? Developing an advanced microfluidic chip that will revolutionize the way we analyze these pollutants. By enabling remote sample preparation and enrichment, we make it infinitely easier to understand and address this pressing problem.

Imagine a future where our oceans are free from plastic pollution! Looking for more information? Head to the One Blue website, and let's create a better world! 

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