Merge of Dortmund and Enschede production facilities

Merge of Dortmund and Enschede production facilities

Micronit will merge the services of Micronit GmbH in Dortmund with Micronit B.V. in Enschede. The Dortmund facility will be closed from January 1, 2023.

With the merge, Micronit is concentrating all cleanroom activities in one location, which gives the company a better position for future growth. Working from the Enschede headquarters improves the possibilities to scale up production and reduces the use of energy.

All customers of Micronit GmbH have been personally informed and will be carefully guided in the migration to Micronit B.V.

The Dortmund factory specialized in silicon processing. Micronit emphasizes the importance of silicon processing and will therefore continue to develop these processes in Enschede.


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