Developing Polymer Microfluidic Consumables

Developing Polymer Microfluidic Consumables

Polymer is the most used material for microfluidic devices due to their lower cost, versatile manufacturing methods, biocompatibility, and repeatability. Over 25 years, Micronit has built a strong track record in developing microfluidic consumables for life science and health applications. At Micronit, we pride ourselves on our extensive in-house expertise in microfluidics. We are able to help you develop and improve the designs and prototype different versions thanks our broad capabilities in prototyping. This allows us to significantly compress the development timeline for most projects, shaving off weeks or even months compared to traditional approaches. This agility is particularly valuable when bringing new diagnostic devices to market, as we can rapidly iterate on the design based on early user feedback and pivot the product as needed. This approach ensures a smooth transition from prototype to final manufacturing, so our clients can focus on bringing their innovative diagnostics to the patients who need them most.


Seamless Microfluidic Design Transfer

Transferring a microfluidic chip design from the first prototype to manufacturingis a process that takes time. A comprehensive design review is essential. Micronit's experienced design team evaluates your concept for effectiveness and scalability, providing actionable feedback. Our designers are tightly involved in the development process, so small changes can be made quickly. Our goal is to smooth the transition from prototype to market-ready product while maintaining high quality. We view our design support as a continuous partnership aimed at optimizing your product for success.

Micronit's Low-Volume Pilot Production

At Micronit, we understand that transforming a concept into a market-ready product requires careful planning and execution. That's why we've built a purpose-built pilot production line to help our clients take their innovations from the drawing board to reality. Our in-house team works closely with you to select the appropriate modules, develop custom end-of-arm tooling, and optimize every step of the workflow. We focus on process stability and deploy proven best practices to cut costs without compromising quality. The result is a scalable production capability that can ramp up seamlessly as your product gains traction.

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Streamlining the Path to Commercialization

Our team works together with customers to ensure their designs are tailored for seamless, high-quality production, at any scale. By considering downstream commercialization and regulatory requirements upfront, we can proactively identify and mitigate potential roadblocks, saving time and resources down the line. This collaborative approach is backed by our robust quality management systems, which are certified to the ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 standards. These certifications give our clients the confidence that their products will meet the necessary specifications for safety, performance, and regulatory compliance. 


Get Started with your Microfluidic Project

Are you working on developing a polymer microfluidic device? And would you like to discuss the best type of material for your project? Please, feel free to contact us directly. Our Sales and R&D teams will be happy to assist you!


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