Fluidic Chips

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Fluidic Chips

Microreactor Chips

The microreactor chips have two inlets and one outlet. Two fluids can be injected separately and will mix by diffusion, without turbulence.

Cross Channel Chips

Microfluidic chips with two channels crossing each other. Also suitable for focused flow applications or droplet generation. The FC_X3550CH.3 has a thin 145 micrometer bottom plate making it suitable for confocal microscopy.


These thin bottom flowcells are ideal for experiments such as cell, particle or DNA imaging. The thin 145 micrometer bottom plate allows for for confocal microscopy.

Droplet Generator Chips

Microfluidic droplet generators are excellent tools for generating highly reproducible microsized droplets with much higher precision and repeatability compared to conventional methods. Micronit offers a focussed flow and a T-shaped version.

Micromixer Chips

Triple layer chips offering very short mixing times, ideally mixed conditions and efficient mixing even at low pressures. Use the teardrop mixer for mixing of fluids with low Reynolds numbers (Re<100) and the swirl mixer for high Reynolds numbers (Re>50).

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