Breaking & Dicing

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Breaking & Dicing

When manufacturing glass chips, Micronit uses substrates that are divided into chips after processing. For dividing the bonded substrates into individual microfluidic glass chips, Micronit uses two techniques: breaking and dicing.


With the standard process flows additional steps are taken to break out glass devices out of the processed substrates. This is a patented, proven high quality, fast and very cheap process step.

Breaking out the chips is possible from a minimum device size of 10 x 10 mm and is done in a cleanroom environment. A major advantage over dicing is that no cooling fluids are needed. This reduces the risk of polluting the channels.


For the fabrication of smaller chips and chips with tight tolerances on outer dimensions, Micronit dices the chips with a conventional dicing saw. The machine Micronit works with is a CNC controlled, programmable dicing machine.

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