10C Microdevices for Chemical Processing

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10C Microdevices for Chemical Processing

Micronit is working as part of a dedicated team to develop the next generation of scalable microstructured reactors focussing on the functionalisation of these microreactors for technically and commercially relevant applications in the chemical processing industry. The NanoNextNL 10C programme consists of 2 closely related, clustered projects focussing on:

1. Channel functionalization (e.g. wetting control, catalyst implementation)

2. Scalable microstructured reactors

The work of Micronit is directed towards the production of scalable microstructured reactors, with the aim to cover the complete range of channel sizes from 10 μm (researchscale) to several millimetres (required for production). The challenge is to obtain a thorough understanding of scaling issues, both as a direct influence on the reaction itself and as a factor affecting reactor performance. This latter effect will especially comes into play when creating stacked networks of parallel channels, where thermal management and fluid distribution are important factors. Focus will be directed to converting reactions requiring high pressure and temperature into microreactor format, especially gas-liquid reactions where batch reactions pose safety challenges.


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